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Default If Heat buy a first round draft pick...

Who would you get?

Apparently the Hornets (#21) are one of a couple non-lottery teams looking to sell their first round pick. (link). My guess for the other teams looking to sell their picks would be the Jazz (#20) & the Mavs (#22)... since all 3 teams will be facing luxury.

Since this is a weak draft for Cs, it would have to be a PG . As much as I dislike the idea of two young players in the backcourt causing turnovers and making mistakes... it makes the most sense of getting better if the Heat is not going to spend the mid-level exemption.

Jeff Teague (PG) and Eric Maynor (PG) , would make a solid prospect, but getting Jrue Holiday (PG) or anyone lower would be a waste.

What do you guys think? Who do you guys like out of the draft picks slated to go 20 or later?

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