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Default Which players should the Bulls consider resigning

Rose, Deng, Noah, Gibson and Johnson are the players that are sure to be on this team next season. So out of the remaining players on this current team which guys would you like to see get resigned. For me Warrick would be a nice piece to hold onto for a couple more years, Acie Law would be another guy that could make big strides in the near future, he hasn't had many opportunities to play in the past, but if he plays similar to how he played against the Grizzlies I'd be more than happy to keep him here as a back up to Rose, the potential is there and he could still become a solid player off the bench, definatley will be a better option than Pargo. If there's one more player I'd consider it would be Miller, but I would like to see what big name free agent they would bring in before deciding on keeping him or not. So a guy like Bosh would definately lessen the need to bring back Miller and Asik would be fine as the next option at center since Bosh and Noah will likely split most of the playing time at center. Hinrich should be traded to free up more cash so that the team will have even more flexibility. Sure I'd like to keep him, but not for what he's being paid and I'm sure there a few teams that wouldn't mind making him their starter.

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