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Default Re: Which players should the Bulls consider resigning

Originally Posted by VishaltotheG
I agree but I think you guys are underestimating the importance of Kirk. He may not be that great of a player, but he is the glue of the team. You take him out and we will fall apart. It's like taking Billups off of the Nuggets.

Hinrich is nothing like Billups its an awful comparison. Billups is a championship caliber PG that can run a team as some of the best in the league and kirk just isnt that guy. The bulls may miss a lil of his toughness(Luol Deng i hope u read this) but as far as defense i think we will still play good team defense. Also, by trading hinrich we can add cap space to provide depth for our team and still have the flexibility to acquire a superstar.
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