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Originally Posted by Brunch@Five
being serious here ...
England has only excelled in Rock, nothing else


England is nowhere to be found, I'm sorry. They don't even come close to the being #1 in terms of music

Are you joking? England has produced several renaissance, baroque, classical, and romantic artists. We're talking several hundred years, of course they're gonna make a contribution. USA wasn't even a country until late Classical period, how could you list that in your defense?

You left out blues, which as far as the 50s-60s are concerned, is the same genre as RnB and Soul. Have you by chance heard of Eric Clapton? John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Sister Mary Thorpe, Canned Heat, Mick Jagger, Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds, Long John Baldry? Britain had a very influential 60's blues scene.
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