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Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
So the SG isn't an important defensive position? How would Monta stack up against Kobe? Ray Allen? Joe Johnson? Manu Ginobli? D-Wade? Etc... you see where i'm going with this. This to me proves you guys simply don't like Bargnani. Why not a practical guy like an Eric Gordon let's say who puts up nearly as many points (albeit not as flashy) but plays a lot better on the defensive side of the floor?

I think if Monta were on our team people would start criticizing his d soon enough.

But that doesn't change the fact that this is Andrea's team at the moment and he is leading them (or not leading them if you prefer) into the gutter.

Clearly this team needs a new face of the franchise.

Monta is a possible target because he may be attainable for Andrea.
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