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Originally Posted by brwnman
Chris Kaman to me is actually a gettable target. The only thing is, we're not in a position to get him. He's a little pricey, but he is the prototypical Center. He'll rebound, play some D, and can play in the post. His two big issues? Staying healthy, and playing against faster bigs. One we can deal with, the other, not so much...

Not getable from our team ?

Not sure I see the logic in that mate. Kaman is "unrestricted in 12" - about the same time the Clipper will have to commit big to a certain budding superstar who can win slam dunk contests.

Additionally the Raptors have plenty of pieces both with contracts expiring sooner AND with contracts where they could pick up cost certaintly for 2 years to surround their star player with some talent.

Clippers have not been exactly noted for spending up to the cap or investing long term in their FA's....
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