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Originally Posted by Jballer
Not getable from our team ?

Not sure I see the logic in that mate. Kaman is "unrestricted in 12" - about the same time the Clipper will have to commit big to a certain budding superstar who can win slam dunk contests.

I meant not gettable in the sense that we have no need for him. We're not looking to contend, we're rebuilding, no need to get Kaman. I guess if you get Bargnani for Kaman, you do it, since he comes off the books sooner. But I would've like to see that type of deal when Bosh was still around and we were looking to contend.

It is more and more impressive how much effort some posters put just to bash Bargnani and Calderon... Sometimes I would swear that you are fans from a rival team

They shouldn't call themselves Raptors fans at all.

This. It's ridiculous.

What are you guys, puppets? I stated facts. I am all for debates and discussions, but you cannot argue facts. We are all Raptors fans, and we've been longing for a consistent winner for a long time. Way before you clowns ever showed up, long after you clowns are gone. I want to see a perennial contender. I am tired of always fighting for 8th place, always being swept in the first round. I want to see improvement year by year and I wanna see this team win a championship. And therefore, we propose some changes that we feel would benefit the club now and in the long run...
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