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Originally Posted by brwnman
What are you guys, puppets? I stated facts. I am all for debates and discussions, but you cannot argue facts. We are all Raptors fans, and we've been longing for a consistent winner for a long time. Way before you clowns ever showed up, long after you clowns are gone. I want to see a perennial contender. I am tired of always fighting for 8th place, always being swept in the first round. I want to see improvement year by year and I wanna see this team win a championship. And therefore, we propose some changes that we feel would benefit the club now and in the long run...
You can call us puppets, clowns or whatever. But the fact is that it was you who spent half an hour to write down exactly what most of the posters write again and again... and that probably nobody read your entire post just because of that. So, who is the puppet and the clown...?
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