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Default Re: Will Bradley Beal be anything more than a streak shooter in this league?

Just stepping aside from the obvious REAL point of this thread... Which, as always, is to promote a Cavs' player (Waiters) through a weak diversion and, in the process, try to make people hate us...

I do think Beal will be a nice player in the league. Will he be an elite superstar on par with the best in the league? Sort of doubt that, but a really key piece on a really good team? Yeah, I think he could be that.

Whether he makes All-Star Games or All-Pro lists is immaterial, because a lot of that will depend on what other guards are doing around the league...

Since this was created really as a Beal vs. Waiters thing, I'll end with this...

I think Beal was the far safer pick of the two and I'm confident, at the very least, he will be a good starter in the NBA. I think Dion has a lower floor, but I also think he has a higher ceiling. I don't think there are a lot of 2s coming out of college every year with his first step and ability to finish at the basket.

So, I can't blame the Cavs for swinging for the fences. It looked all along as if the Cavs were trying to desperately get their hands on Beal, but all of the reporting since the draft says their big board actually went like this...

1. Davis
2. MKG/Waiters

...and that Byron Scott personally pleaded with management to get him this player. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if both Waiters and MKG were on the board at 4. Something tells me they may have still gone with Waiters... Again, just based on the reporters, specifically Windy's article immediately following the draft when he was imbedded in their draft war room.

So, the Cavs liked Waiters better than Beal. The Wizards obviously fell in love with Beal during his workouts. We'll see which franchise was correct.
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