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Default Re: World War Z - TRAILER 2

Originally Posted by rezznor
havent read the book, but couldn't they have filmed it like Crash or Babel?

I suppose. But it really would have been all over the place even by those standards.

The way the book is set up is that it's after the Zombie Appocalypse, and there's a reporter travelling the world, interviewing survivors as humanity is rebuilding the world, and he's getting the stories of these survivors. That's why it's subtitle is "An Oral History".

So you'll get an entire chapter told in past tense about a family that survived by walking north where the Zombies would freeze. Or a fighter pilot that had to bail out over a swamp. Or military commander who led an attempt at an ambush in Yonkers. Or an Indian guy who was part of a plan to lead a herd up a mountain then blow out the pathway. Or a doctor doing a heart transplant. Or a group of Japanese soldiers that escaped on their nuclear submarine.
None of the chapters (or very few at least) are interconnected at all, unlike Crash where the various characters cross paths. And the chapters vary in tone and content. I listed some of the bigger chapters up there. But sometimes the smaller scale stories are even more interesting.

Truthfully the movie looks like it's probably based on the book in title only, although it is in NY, so you may see the Battle of Yonkers portrayed as a finale or something. I'd honestly probably be more interested in the movie if it were just released as a new intellectual property.

I really endorse the book highly. It's a great and easy read. And because the chapters are so loosely connected at best, you can pick it up and put it down at will. I'd actually like to read it again, which I almost never do.
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