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Default Re: Surprising Combine Results

Originally Posted by KG215
I've been hearing a lot of people say they thought Irving was too small or, at least, on the smallish side for an NBA PG. And, like you, I've heard people say they figured he'd measure around 6'0" at the combine without shoes. I remember hearing that Irving was in the 6'2" or 6'3" range coming out of high school but didn't really believe it when I first saw him in a Duke game. Of course it's tough to really judge how tall a player is on TV.
I think part of the reason for that is Irving's build is a bit stocky. The last few years, the point guards of similar size who have come out (Rose, Wall, Knight this year) all have a rangier, longer build to them, so in essence, it makes them appear taller. Even a guy like Deron Williams, whose relatively barrel chested, has longer limbs making him appear to be taller than Irving.
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