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Default Re: Chandler and Okafur officially traded.

Originally Posted by Dasher
He's not stronger than those guys. His post game is also not decent. Okafor is a shot blocking Al Horford w/o the intagibles.

Okafor tested out the strongest of his draft class that included other guys like Kris Humphries (****ty player, but strong guy), Dwight Howard, and Al Jefferson. Granted Al and Dwight were high school kids, but he out performed them overwhelmingly. I doubt in the last 5 or so years Dwight and Jefferson were getting stronger while Okafor was not. So I would say that he's as strong as anybody in his range.

Okafor's post game is decent enough in my opinion. His footwork timing is off, but in comparison to Tyson Chandler, he looks like Hakeem out there. Not to mention he has like a 7-5 wing span and a 9-4 reach. I can't believe that it is a question that he won't be better out there than Tyson Chandler. The only thing I would worry about is his pick and roll game. I have not seen much of it since college, but he's a smart kid and I think he'll be able to pick it up.
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