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Thumbs down Wisconsin's HC Bret Bulimia refuses to send tape to Oregon State


It's customary for college football teams to exchange coaches' versions of game videos prior to playing each other.

But that won't be happening this week, prior to the University of Wisconsin's game at Oregon State.

UW coach Bret Bielema said at his Monday press conference he did not send the video from the 26-21 opening victory over Northern Iowa to Oregon State.

The reason? Oregon State had its opening game against Nicholls State postponed due to Hurricane Isaac. As a result, the Beavers didn't have any game video to send UW.

"We informed Oregon State, our video director reached out to them after the game on Saturday and said we're not sending this film, obviously, because we didn't get one on them," Bielema said.

Not only did Bielema decline to send the video, he also reached out to the Big Ten Conference office to make sure no other Big Ten team would send Oregon State video, either.

"We had to go through some things just to guard from anybody, hopefully, sending our film to them," Bielema said. "There's no way you can guarantee it. But I've been assured by the Big Ten office, that wasn't going to happen."

Oregon State, of course, can get a copy of the television version of UW's opener, but that is not as helpful in scouting as the coaches' version.

It's another unique twist to this week's game, which has the unusual circumstance of one team having not played a game yet.

That's not unprecedented for the Badgers, who opened the 2002 season with a 23-21 victory over Fresno State in something called the John Thompson Classic. The following week, the Badgers went on the road and drilled UNLV 27-7 in its opener.

Curiously, the trading of videos was also an issue back then, when current UW athletic director Barry Alvarez was the Badgers' head coach.

Alvarez and Fresno State coach Pat Hill worked out an agreement not to release video of the opener to each other's next opponent, although Alvarez said at the time, "I would anticipate UNLV will find some way to get that film."

Ever since it was announced Oregon State's opener has been postponed, Bielema has said repeatedly he doesn't think it's an advantage for his team. Even though Bielema believes in the coaching cliche that teams make their biggest improvements from the first to second game, he thinks that will be offset by UW not knowing anything about this year's version of Oregon State.

For the UW coaches, this game preparation is like a second opening game. Still, a couple things should help UW's preparation, especially on defense.

The Badgers played Oregon State last year, winning 35-0 at Camp Randall Stadium in the second week of the season. Beavers coach Mike Riley is also the mentor to former UW offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and the two ran nearly identical offenses. So, UW's defensive players should have a high comfort level with Oregon State's offense.

"There's a lot of similarities," UW defensive coordinator Chris Ash said of UW's former offense and Oregon Stage. "From that standpoint, it'll be a better prep."


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