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Default Re: Will Kyrie Irving Ever win MVP

Originally Posted by CTbasketball92
If Curry's such a good defender, then why was Klay guarding Kyrie nearly the entire series? Why was Klay guarding Westbrook for large portions of the OKC series? When do you ever see CP3, John Wall or Westbrook getting hidden on defense? Curry can't stop kyle lowry, Kyrie Irving, Westbrook, John Wall, Damian Lillard ... etc from getting buckets on him. But if we're going to focus on defense, i think you could put Wall, Westbrook, CP3, Conley and possibly kyrie into golden state and they'd all put up good defensive advanced stats with Draygod, Thompson Barnes and a legit rim protector to back them up. I'm sure point guards always blow by curry before getting ripped or blocked by Iggy, Draygod, Bogut or Barnes, or even livingston.

So are you trying to imply Wall, Westbrook, Conley, and Irving are all better defenders than Steph Curry?

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