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Default Re: Mavs to decline Dirks contract

Originally Posted by AI09

Plan is to decline Dirks final year of contract 25mill and resign him to two years 25 mill total.
Man I'm telling you Cuban is paying Dirk under the table noway hes taking these kind of pay cuts contract after contract. This team should entertaining to watch next year.

Dennis Smith Jr
Weslry Matthews
Harrison Barnes
Nerlens Noel

I think it showes how much Cuban cares about Dirk. They could just declined the 25 mill contract and asked him to retire. That would have happened in Housten. Dirk knows how much Cuban has done for him to win a ring, but not only that. If it was not for all he Cuban has done for Dirk. Even after all the failure, Cuban kept going with Dirk. When they said no shooting bigman could ever win you a championship, when he choked against Warriors and the struggle for then on.
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