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Default Re: Who Wants to Bet Ingram Scores Over 20 PPG this Season?

Originally Posted by AirTupac
He was averaging 14 after the allstar break on great efficiency. The fact that the entire organization has raved about his work ethic and his vast improvement over the last 5 months. You'd be a retard to think he would average 15 after all that.

How about this. You stake out 20, I'll stake out 15. Whichever he's closest to at the end of the year wins. Loser has to wear the Avy of the winners choice for the entire playoffs.

You have no reason to insult me. I watched Beal go through great stretches for the Wizards where he'd average ~25ppg, but I knew he wasn't going to average that for a season as a 20 year old. Pump the breaks.
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