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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Yeah, the Taiwan Center team is really good. I don't play for them, but I am thinking about joining them. They have a lot of ex-college players on there that I'm buddies with.

Oh, the Pacrim game we played was not filmed, so it's technically not on the video. The PacRim team is usually their All-Star team with Alex and Lance, I'm sure you know of them if you're familiar with PacRim. I believe they're playing in the Philippines now professionally.

I actually live in Chatsworth, CA so I'm not in downtown LA too often, but I like to go around that area and Monterey Park to eat. XD

I haven't played in the PacRim league before, as it's a little far for me...

The ankle is getting better, (Well, it should after 4 months), but I estimate a full year until full recovery. For now, I'm jumping off my right foot constantly and taking most of my layups left handed.. which is fine since I've had left ankle problems before so my left is pretty much same as my right on layups. I don't have a whole lot of pain in the ankle right now, but the flexibility and strength is just not there. I'm still able to play at 80-90% depending upon the day though.. it just gets sore as hell after my games. But it's all in good fun, my love for basketball will never be quenched! =D
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