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Default Re: For those of you lining up to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

Originally Posted by hateraid
It just means you guys in Tampa are way behind

Sure you can find boost and 180s anywhere but a limited drop gets way more hype behind them. The term hypebeast was coined because of current Adidas NMD shoe culture. I just showed a pic of a local Champs where there is crazy availability for Jordan's. Go online right now and see what Zebra Yeezy's are going for. You're in the 4 digits. Jordan's are not anywhere in that range.

Sorry but if you're talking shoe culture Philly is way more advanced than anywhere in Florida. We invented urban culture in the upper east coast.

When did you start collecting? Jeff made me the shoe admin for a reason. Ain't gonna argue about it anymore but I think I had skin in the game even before you became a member. That fact that Bless is backing you doesn't speak volumes

Ok smOart guy.

How much money would it take to keep up with a year's worth of YEEZYS

How much for a year's worth of j's?

Yea. That's what I thought clown boy.

Your Philly is Lilly white where you play no limit for money.

FUCCIN sad. Real real sad

Hateraid the REAL HONKEY
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