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Default A Game of Thrones MMO


Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this. The RPG doesn't look that promising but I'll still get it, and trade it in later. I never finish games anyway. Stopped playing Skyrim and made like six different characters. No attention span for this stuff..

Notes of this MMO:
-You are part of a lesser house (guild)
-You pledge allegiance to one of 3 greater houses (Starks, Baratheons or -Lannisters)
-Goal is to install a hand at Kings Landing for your faction.
-You can switch Allegiance
-Both PvE and PvP, seems higher leveling is done w/ PvP (no dungeons or instances)
-Working with HBO to get the world as close to the TV show as possible
-Land playable is from the Wall to at least the Storm lands, not sure about Dorne..
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