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Default Re: A Game of Thrones MMO

Originally Posted by EnoughSaid
Would be nice. They'd have to make sure to make the landscapes right. And I'm assuming you're going to be designated by House?

I'd probably pick Lannister or Targaryen if given the choice.

Originally Posted by Anti Hero

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about this. The RPG doesn't look that promising but I'll still get it, and trade it in later. I never finish games anyway. Stopped playing Skyrim and made like six different characters. No attention span for this stuff..

Notes of this MMO:
-You are part of a lesser house (guild)
-You pledge allegiance to one of 3 greater houses (Starks, Baratheons or -Lannisters)
-Goal is to install a hand at Kings Landing for your faction.
-You can switch Allegiance
-Both PvE and PvP, seems higher leveling is done w/ PvP (no dungeons or instances)
-Working with HBO to get the world as close to the TV show as possible
-Land playable is from the Wall to at least the Storm lands, not sure about Dorne..

From the OP.. House Lannister for you
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