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Default Re: Kobe and Howard apparently got into a "heated exchange"

Originally Posted by niko
Jarrod Rudolph says it's fake and it's actually something that made the rounds last week and was shot down.

Note: Why would the Lakers trade for Brook Lopez? His contract is uninsured and the Nets sat him down for 3 weeks for basically stepping wrong. The Lakers are going to blow up their season for him? To give D'Antoni a low post slow center? I continue to be at a loss as to why people think it's still possible. (And what is the Nets "enticing" package?)
Lopez isn't a low post center.. He's a high post center that roams in the paint when he sees penetration from his guards. That's what all his paint points come from. Passes from dwill and Joe Johnson when hey attract attention and he sneaks into the cracks of the defense.. Or defenders biting on his jump shot pump fake and him driving. He would actually work well on the Lakers. Brook has absolutely zero ego.. He would take everything as it came and would allow Gasol to sink back down into the post. His rim protection has been great this year too.

Him and Marshon Brooks and maybe a tough rebounder like reggie Evans would make the Lakers better than they are with Howard now whose offense is a liability and who barely protects the rim any better than lopez would.
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