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Default Re: Craziest thing you witnessed at the work place

i've seen a lot of pretty predictable crazy sh*t in court, fighting, addicts pissing and sh*tting themselves, people telling judges off, etc., but its not super unusual.

When i worked at wendy's as a kid... holy crap the sh*t i saw.

I worked with this one dude who was about 27. I worked there when i was 14 until i was 17. This dude used to huff brass cleaner in the back at work. He of course did a bunch of other stuff, but he used to frequently do this drug known as woo, which was cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde. He used to be straight F*cked up on the job. Signing nirvanna and marilyn manson songs on that mic by the cash register to dining rooms full of people.

Once we were slow he started farting bare assed into the mic and was doing it as customers were present and could fully witness it

I also witnessed probably 4/5 fist fights at this wendy's. I've seen people jump over the counter and start swinging, i've seen a guy come through the drive through window and start swinging, i saw a fat girl who worked there with me beating the f*cking sh*t out of another coworkers truck, jumping up and down all over the f*cking thing, etc.

Good times working in fast food.
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