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Originally Posted by willy_yep
can anyone dunk both off one foot and two foot take offs?
I can but I am partial to one-foot takeoffs. I've said this story a million times here but I started as only a one-foot dunker my freshman year, learned two foot dunking my sophomore year, shifted completely to two-foot dunking and then subsequently eliminated any chance of me dunking in a game for the rest of high school. I needed open floor to dunk but I'd rush setting both of my feet and slip or lose my bounce from rushing and using bad technique (or I'd get fouled from behind).

Anywho, around age 20, I committed to re-learning one-foot dunking and it's been pretty legit ever since. 95% of my in-game dunks are one-footed these days. However, if I'm wide open on a fast break (like off a turnover where everyone was headed in the opposite direction), I still sometimes go with the two-foot dunk. It's clean, but I tend to have way more power off one-foot in games.

As a result of all that, unless a player is somewhat tall or lanky (say, with a wingspan of 6'6'' or greater), I tend to recommend most up and coming guys to skew toward one-foot dunking if they're looking to maximize their in-game opportunities. It was way easier to snag in-game dunks when I could just sprint into the open floor and rise, as opposed to worrying about setting both feet while attempting to elude and outrun defenders.

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