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Default Re: Heat Team Preview

Originally Posted by beasted86
We don't know that for sure, because as was made clear by Riley he never made any attempt or offer to get Boozer.

Well if they do... then no, but otherwise why not make an offer excluding Beasley, Wade, and Chalmers?. Boozer is an expirer and wouldn't hurt any 2010 plan. Reason they need to make some action is to both improve the team this year, and at the same time show Wade they are making an effort to get better for the future.

I'm not as worried by the guard play as I am with us constantly getting outrebounded, and outscored by opponents on the interior. If all that the Heat would have to give up is Haslem, maybe their extra 2010 first round pick who may or may not be any good, and a filler scrub... then go for it. Otherwise I'll continue faithful in Riley's initial plan, but if the team struggles and there is no word that he's even trying to make the team better sooner than later, it may frustrate Wade.

Pat could not tell the truth even if they had a gun to his head. But yeah we don't know for sure.
Am also going by what i hear from the Jazz side. They want young talent, a 1 st pick & cut back on salary. Something ( I ) wouldn't do for a 1 year rental.

The most & again all (I) would give for Boozer is a combination of Haslem, Wright, Quin, Jones, Cuba, Anthony, Magloir, Q-Rich, our trade exception, cash, & 1, or 2 2nd round picks.

JO, Beasley, Cook, Wade, Chalmers, & our 2 2010 1st round picks are out of the question.

The truth is that if Wade, & the Heat really wanted Boozer, don't you think that Pat would at the very least try & make an offer?
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