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Default Re: Official #53 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Some reactions...

There are a lot of different players being voted for. There are too many votes without any support. The joke votes were annoying by the time the 10 greatest were selected.

Richie and otmtheshank have been supporting their choices well.

Sidney Moncrief is often underrated. I could see putting him in the 60s, but I think there are a few more greater players to put over him to place him as high as in the early-mid 50s. Just comparing him to Hal Greer, they're fairly similar. About the same size, both well rounded players who had a good share of team success. Two things against Moncrief, however, is his career was shorter and he doesn't have the ring. I know he faced tough competition, but so did Greer--his team beat the Russell-led Boston Celtics dynasty.

Artis Gilmore is a somewhat tricky situation for me. One has to downgrade his ABA success somewhat. Even then, was he really better than Mel Daniels? And, in the NBA, he didn't distinguish himself too much from contemporaries like Bob Lanier, Robert Parish and Jack Sikma. While Gilmore won a championship in the ABA, he didn't appear in the Finals in the NBA. While he stood out defensively in the ABA, he anchored one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA (Spurs). I guess I can see putting him in the 60s, too. He was consistent and played for a long time.

On Tracy McGrady, I don't think it's a ridiculous pick now. There are still players (who not coincidently had more playoff success) I would put over him, including Hal Greer, Jerry Lucas and Dave DeBusschere. But it's not a ridiculous vote. He belongs somewhere not very far from here--maybe early 60s. He has great statistics, especially points. And he's been the best player on some fairly successful teams (in the regular season) of late. But, take Hal Greer. Greer had similar success as McGrady when he was the best player on his team. McGrady has been a better scorer, but Greer was more efficient and a better defensive player. Moreover, McGrady hasn't played as long as Greer, nor has McGrady had the kind of success Greer and others did when they accepted complementary roles on championship teams--or at least serious title contenders. Maybe if McGrady wins more with the rest of his career he could go above players like Greer, but until then, no. Greer was arguably the best player in the playoffs on a team that won the championship. McGrady hasn't led a team to win a playoff series.
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