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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by bdreason
I think you're underrating the depth of talent in the United States.

We sent our b-squad to win the FIBA Championships, and were missing key players in the last Olympics. Even a roster consisting of the 3rd or 4th best rosters we could compile (top 50ish U.S. players) would probably be the favorite in any international competition.

Spain has a great team right now, no doubt, but I question whether or not they will be able to fill the shoes of players like the Gasol Brothers when they retire... while I have little doubt the U.S. will continue to produce top level Basketball talent.

Again, no disrespect to Basketball countries like Lithuania, Argentina, and Spain... I just wanted to point out that while those teams can put together a competitive team, they certainly don't have the depth of the United States.

2010 USA "B team" would have not gotten past the quarterfinals in 2012. It would have lost to both Lithuania and Argentina in the group stage, and then would have lost to Brazil at the quarterfinals.

If you don't grasp that, then you have a severe lack of general basketball knowledge.

Yes, the USA has much more depth than any other country. But you are completely fooling yourself if you think that 2010 Team USA would have sniffed a medal in 2012.

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