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Default Re: Why is the United States so much better at basketball than the rest of the world?

Originally Posted by Euroleague
1. Every race has been enslaved before, some of them for FAR LONGER than blacks.

2. Intelligent people would not have allowed themselves to be made slaves for hundreds of years. So, they were stupid people that "survived the hardship". You can't be stupid and also be "genetically superior".

3. Harvard showed through a DNA study that 50% of current American black NBA players are directly descended from white men.

4. The technology you talk about was all created by Germans, and it is now made by Chinese. Americans have nothing to do with any of it, except that a small number of them own the patents and means of production.

5. The US is not even remotely close to being the "richest country in the world".

Again what does intelligence have to do with my original claim that African Americans have superior ATHLETICISM. Basketball is somewhat cerebral, but not really... that's what the coach is for. Germans are the best engineers, I agree with that... but the greatness of America comes from the brain drain on the rest of the world as well as creating the best environment for creativity and mental stimulation. So your not giving the US any credit for the last century of advancements? Tell me, did the Germans or Chinese ever reach the moon? Who invented the internet you are using right now? Where was the a-bomb invented? Where was the light bulb invented? Who was the first to mass-produce cars? light bulbs? airplanes? computers?
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