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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by BankShot
For what reasons would you go Android over iPhone?

I don't really watch videos or game on my phone (so less or very little need for a large screen) and I haven't like in the past how some apps (social games, social apps, certain GPS apps) haven't been available on the Android market

I'm just used to Android now so I'm more productive with it.
- I use the file manager a lot,
- I can just connect it to any PC and use it as a USB storage
- It's more customizable. I don't like the home screen on iOS, which is basically just a grid of icons. Also, the fact that I can change default apps.

You mentioned you won't use it for media, so the only place a bigger screen will make a difference for you would be web browsing. Honestly, if none of this matters to you, go with the 5S. It's a solid package and is very well-built. The hardware design, UI, camera, it's a complete package. Not to mention, it's future proof since you're guaranteed to get software updates for a long time.
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