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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

*Sigh* Alright, I realize asking people to read is asking a bit too much from you people, so I wonít take that part of things out on anyone too badly. But for f*ckís sake people, everything is -right- there in front of you, and you still canít read it, or quote it properly.

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Not every1 can get to play people they know in person..They play them online because It can bring someone from Jersey and Cali together for a game...So yeah thats a big deal for me..

I donít get to play with my friends in person as much as I used to. I now live two hours away from all of my friends back home, and I just havenít hooked up with anyone else out here who is into basketball the way we all were back home. Occasionally friends visit, and we play here (I do have a (hacked) Xbox, although itís not a 360, but since I donít use it for much other than taking it on the road, itís not updated. In fact, I think only Live 2006 and 2K6 are on it, none of the 2007 games are on it right now), but most of the time I play with friends, I drive into Chicago to play with my buddies at their place. Xbox An 360 on a 61" DLP is hard to beat for gaming fun! They have both Live 2007 and 2K7; we played Live a lot more when it first came out, and after games got to be kind of routine, they picked up 2K7 and we play that a lot more now.

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
And the games are nothing close to identical..Please tell me how you fix the poor ball and net physics or the funny dunk animations adamcz mentions...or the fact that Live's 08 sig shots look really off... and 2k7s were better and more plentiful last year.

I didnít say they were identical, I said they were ďessentially identicalĒ, meaning that when you boil the games down to their core, theyíre both doing the same thing. Neither one is leaps and bounds ahead of the other. For every feature Live has but 2K doesnít, 2K has a feature that Live doesnít. When you take the personal subjectivity out of the games, like shot stick vs. crossover stick (neither is better, neither is worse, theyíre just different), they basically balance out.

As for the poor ball and net physics and funny dunk animations, 2K has Ďem too ya know. If I had a dollar for every single time my breakaway layup bricked the BOTTOM of the rim or when a player took a fadeaway from a FOOT away from the basket in 2K, Iíd buy both franchises and merge Ďem into one good game.

And as for Live 2008's signature shots, neither one of us can comment on them, theyíre not out yet. When the game is out, then we can comment on them. Until then, weíre just assuming things that may or may not end up that way. Itís better to get all of the information first, -then- speak.

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I actually found Live to be very slow compared to 2K. There were no fastbreaks in Live at all, so unrealistic.

Game Speed slider. Solves the problem real quick.

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Again, I just can't see how anyone could handle playing Live'07 and not be so pissed off you were charged over $50 for such a piece of **** game. That alone should be enough to at least try 2K.

I rent or download the game and if I like it, I buy it. If I donít like it, I donít buy it. Iím never pissed off about spending $50 for a piece of **** game, because I never spend $50 on a piece of **** game. If anyone, anywhere, ever gets pissed off about spending money for a piece of **** game, they should absolutely beat the living hell out of the person to blame: Themselves. Help clean up the gene pool, use a sledgehammer when you beat the hell out of yourself.

One thing people just donít seem to realize is that NBA Live did something really weird in 2007; the version on the console is -nothing- like the version on the PC. The PC version of Live 2007 looks almost identical to the PC version of Live 2006, with a few minor touchups. So for me, I picked the game up for the PC and played it for a while, wondering what all these people were complaining about. It wasnít until I played the console version that I realized that it was a -completely- different game. So different, it seemed like a completely different company designed and released it. In my opinion, the PC version of Live 2007, although itís basically a retouched Live 2006, is far superior to the console version of Live 2007. The major complaints people have about Live just arenít in the PC version. Having played the console version, if I were a console gamer and stuck with the console version of Live 2007, I still would own both games, but I would probably play 2K more, I just wouldnít be happy about it. To me, there are a lot of things lacking in the 2K game that should be common sense additions. Theyíll come with time, Live has been around for what, 12 years now? 13 if you include NBA Showdown in Ď94? They had a lot more time to do the trial and error thing. Now, if only 2K would come out on the PC!

Originally Posted by adamcz

I didn't read the rest of your post yet, but I just wanted to say I have no idea what you're talking about. There are no graphics settings to change in 2k7; are there in Live?

There definitely are on the PC version of Live 2007. On the console version, I donít know. I only play the console version at my buddyís place, and it looks absolutely great there, so I wouldnít bother with any changes anyway. But then, 2K looks great there as well, so same thing there.

Originally Posted by LJJ

Why do you bother to make such a big argument?

Everything I post is big. Sorry to make you have to read. But itís not an argument, Iím not arguing any one point. An argument is where two morons slam their heads into walls because neither can realize that both are wrong.

All Iím posting for is because Iím sick and tired of people saying ďNBA Live sucksĒ. No, NBA Live does not suck. NBA 2K does not suck. Just because you donít like something does not mean that it sucks. Are you people 8 years old? Have none of you learned this lesson yet?

Originally Posted by LJJ

You posted yourself you don't play a lot of videogames, and you only play on your PC. You probably played NBA 2k7 a few times at your buddy's house, and played it on a system you have already expressed a strong disliking for.
But you still try to argue both games are essentially the same.

And here I thought you actually read what was written. I almost got my hopes up.

No, I donít play a lot of videogames. Of course, what isnít a lot to me, might be a lot to others and vice versa. I have a handful of games Iím into at any given time, various different genres, some new, some old classics, but on the average I play about five or six different videogames at any given time. It depends on what mood Iím in when I actually have the free time to play. Flight sim, racing, FPS, RTS, MMO, NBA, NFL, etc.

No, I donít -only- play on my PC. I prefer to play on my PC. I only have one console now, a hacked Xbox. It canít play on Xbox live because of the hack, but it has a 120gb hard drive in it with 50 or so games loaded on it and the ability to operate as a media center over the network, which is primarily what I use it for.

No, I didnít ďprobablyĒ play NBA 2K7 a few times at my buddyís house. I have played it a LOT at my buddyís house in Chicago, just like weíve played a LOT of Live 2007 there. We play quite a bit when Iím up there... let me put it this way; I have my own Xbox 360 controller, but I donít have an Xbox 360. Thatís how much I play.

No, I donít have a ďstrong dislikingĒ for any particular system. I actually like the Xbox 360 quite a bit and I really do want one. But I know if I get one, Iíll end up spending a hell of a lot more time on my couch, in front of the TV playing on it than I should.

What I said was that I donít like console gaming. I donít like that I canít fix things that need to be fixed. I donít like being stuck with certain parameters that I canít change. Before Xbox Live, game updates just didnít happen on consoles, and that was a big reason why I didnít like it, although nowadays thatís changed somewhat. I absolutely refuse to play over the internet with consoles. Consoles are easy to set up, theyíre easy to keep running, and theyíre easy to connect to other games with. Itís not -that- much more difficult to set up a PC to do the same thing, but lazy or stupid kids canít or wonít do it, so that helps filter Ďem out. Just by way of that alone, Iím already dealing with a slightly more intelligent player base by gaming on a PC than by gaming on a console.. Itís not much, but itís something.

Originally Posted by LJJ

I can tell you this:
Those proffesional reviewers, those guys who get payed to play videogames and write their opinions about them. All of them think 2k7 is a lot better. And read their reviews. It's not just because of the features, the graphics, the settings you can change, etcetera.
It's also about the core gameplay.

Those professional reviewers get paid to put out hype stories on certain games over certain other games. And, your mileage will ALWAYS vary. You can go ahead and trust the reviewers for what to play, watch and listen to, I just donít fit into that lowest common denominator scene. I just donít trust a review that says ďJ. Random Game is awesome! 5 stars!Ē while a few pages afterwards, theyíre rating ďBarbieís Dress Up ParadeĒ with 4 stars.

I donít care what other people think is better. -YOU- shouldnít care what other people think is better. You should care about what -you- think is the best way to entertain yourself. And what you think is the best way to entertain yourself is NOT what everyone else thinks is the best way to entertain themselves.

Originally Posted by EricForman

ďI don't play consoles, because I'm not a couch potato...I play PCs"

So by your very own logic, you would be considered a "computer chair potato" then...


Once again, education time. This place is pretty f*cking sad when it comes to reading comprehension. This is like the Louisiana public school system around here.

When you quote people, you should quote what they actually said, not try and paraphrase it so as you completely miss the point of what was said.

So first of all, I never said ďI donít play consoles.Ē I donít think I need to clarify why this isnít correct, as itís already done so quite loquaciously above. I do play consoles. I have a console. What I said was ďI personally do not like console gaming. I donít like sitting on my couch in front of the TV all of the time, Iím just not a couch potato.Ē

Do you see how much difference there is between a half-assed assumption of what was said versus what was actually said? Staggering, isnít it? Itís like two completely different statements! Why yes, thatís because they are.

Did I said that console gamers are couch potatoes? No. Well then, what is a couch potato? A couch potato is someone who sits on the couch in front of the TV for large lengths of time. Gee, didnít I say that right before I said, ďIím just not a couch potato.Ē Why yes I did, I thought that sounded familiar. So that would be my ďvery ownĒ logic.

Did I say anything negative about being a couch potato, like being a couch potato is a bad thing? Did I offend couch potato sensibilities? Not that I saw. Just that Iím not one. Itís not my style.

So am I a computer-chair potato? Definitely. I spend at least eight hours a day in my computer chair here at work, and at least an hour or two a night at home in one there. I also do a lot of side work on my computer; graphic, audio and a tiny smidgen of video production, so I spend more time there than Iíd like as it is. On the other hand, I havenít sat on my couch in a couple weeks, and rarely even go into the front room. I donít watch television, and I rarely have free time to enjoy movies during the week. Almost every weekend Iím out of town doing a gig or side work.

Thatís WTF.
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