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Default Re: Top 10 Toughest ISH Postahz

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
1. Nanners.
While everyone's kissin mod Kblaze'z ass, the man has the cojones to go out there and say u iz a F.R.A.U.D. To tell the truth to an oppressive tyrant is indeed a heroic deed. Rain or shine, he's out there doin' his job--ready to snipe people and call 'em idiots, be they low level peasants or high level leaders. Nobody's safe from this boogeyman!

2. Legend of Josh
You know what pain feels like? Is it spinal taps? Toothaches? Pregnancy? Nope, that's just physical stuff. Real pain is EMOTIONAL.
And this man went through a bad breakup and substance abuse WHILE being berated by Starface and other stuff he's too man to share about.
While others may crumble from these traps, the man picked himself up like Bruce Wayne in TDK Rises. Deshi Basara!

3. DeuceWallaces.
Peeps be making fun of his hair.
Some call him a loony lefty.
Others be making fun of his forest degree.
Still others are talking about him lookin' like a lesbian.

Did it phase him? Not in the slightest. He's out there savin' the environment.

4. Shogon Ramel.
6'8" hunk of loaded muscle. People ruthlessly attacking his haircut. You want to harass this man online? He'll hit you up with a Breaking Bad Gif. You want to hit this man? Try and you'll get your jaw busted. Long and strong and ready to get dat friction on.

5. Jameerthefear.

Harassed by all kinds of elders. Accused of all kinds of filthy things simply cuz he haz a penchant for Japanese culture. People calling him a misogynist. All kinds of dirty accusations. Not even in his mid-20s and taking ISH by command. Feared and respected.

Don't even have to give a rundown on him, but I'll do it anyway.
A true renegade---at a time when people are in true luv with their comic book films--he calls comic book films stupid, corny, and childish.
At a time when society depicts people from the left as heroes---he calls it like he sees it.
At a time when people like to show off how smart they be---he says maybe ya ain't so smart.
At a time when folks feel better than othaz, he exposes dem for not bein da saints they delude themselves in bein'.

7. Simon (Would be number 1 EZ, but seeing as how Professor X has all kinds of special mental powerz--I put him here cuz he's gotta be some kinda mutant)
ENTIRE GROUPS of people postin' a pic of a young, innocent teenager with glasses over and over again.
Harassed on the DAILY.
Called wheels over and over again!
Attacked, slandered, called all kinds of things--- accused of living in his mother's basement, of his mother changing his diapers, of being all kinds of people--things that would constitute the HIGHEST DEGREE of C-Y-B-E-R-B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G
AN ARMY of Lebron HATERS trying to knock this people down. Like starved piranhas desperately thirstin' for some fresh Amazonian blood.
And most discouraging of all, his man LBJ not performin' optimally in the Western Conference. Dang. That's quite an uphill battle!

Despite ALL THAT--the man relentlessly counters 3ball, demolishes Gileracer, obliterates egokiller/Straight_ballin, smacks down KennyG, slaps dondadda upside the head, makes warriorfan his personal b*** and wrecks the Kobe/Jordan/Curry fan SOLO. Somebody cue that oldboy scene!


8. Lamar Doom
DO NOT be fooled by this man's love for kitties, puppies, women, peace, freedom, and the environment. When pushed, the man is down to fight for what he stands for. You want to talk about bein' a playa or a thug---prepare to get humiliated by LD.

9. Smokee117
If you try hurting this dude, he'll be so drunk he won't even feel a thing. How can you hurt--that which does not feel pain?

The cast of Expendables ain't got sh!t on these men.

Isn't this supposed to be your goat-herder glorifying account?
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