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Default Re: Are Kyrie, Steph, and Steve Nash the only elite ball handlers and shooters?

Originally Posted by And1AllDay
How is Kobe not elite ball handler and shooter please tell me?

Because he is the all time leader in missed shots. Career 32.9% from 3.

Ditto McGrady. Taking a lot of shots doesn't make someone a great shooter.

As far as Stockton goes i would say tier 2 or maybe 3. He was the opposite of Kobe. He had very good shot selection which made him look like a better shooter than he really was. I watched him a lot an never really thought of him as a great shooter.

Kobe had bad shot selection. If his shot selection was just average i think he would be to 35-37% from 3 and over 50% on 2s.

Harden tier 2. His 3 pt % of 36.5% is a bit weak to be considered elite but i will give him extra points for volume. 85.5% from the foul line also borderline.

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