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Default Zach Randolph

How's it going everybody? I'm from the Knicks forum and I wanted to know what you guys would think about a Zach Randolph + Nate Robinson for Rashard Lewis swap. please keep in mind:
- I don't care what anyone says, I know for a fact that Lewis does not want to play for a team in a clear rebuilding mode, especially considering the team's future lies in Kevin Durant who will be backed up by Jeff Green.
- The only way the sonics could convince Lewis' agent to allow Lewis to stay would be a Max contract, and I know that Sam presti is a lot more fiscally responsible than that. So lewis will leave and it is question of whether or not he will leave for nothing. this is where the Knicks come into play.
- Giving the team an all star caliber PF in Zach Randolph, which the team needs along with a hometown hero in Nate Robinson, to sell to the fans/ market the team, is a much better offer than any other team would be willing to offer.
- Reportedly there was keen interest in pulling off a deal of this nature with Portland shortly after the draft lottery, however neither team wanted to trade within the conference. You don't have issue dealing with the Knicks.

Just to make sure we are on the same page:

New York trades (Zack Randolph + Nate Robinson) for a signed and traded (Rashard Lewis) from Seattle.
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