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Default Re: Thomas Robinson is a beast.

Originally Posted by JMT
Sullinger's an undersized post player whose lack of elite athleticism will be exposed in the NBA . He has improved his outside shot, but still has little facing the basket in the 15 ft and in range.

Ceiling is Juwan Howard, which is a really nice career.

Tend to think he's more Kurt Thomas.
I think you are underrating his rebounding a bit. He has a natural ability to get up there and get them, which sometimes has little to do with athleticism or length and more to do with timing and a natural intangible.

I have serious questions about his scoring ability on the next level, but I do think that he will continue to be a very good rebounder... Which is a nice thing to have and something Kurt Thomas never could provide.

Sullinger is going to be a double-double guy on the next level, imo. My biggest question is will it be 15/10 or 20/10.
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