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They aren't consistent perimter shooters. We don't have a Kerr or Bowen or Derek Fisher or Robert Horry.. well we do in Dirk.. but we don't have anyone good enough offensively that can make a play and then get Dirk an open shot. And even if we did I doubt Avery would let Dirk shoot a 3 anyway.

The irony is that Aveyr didn't want Dirk to shoot from the perimeter because he doesn't believe you can win shooting jumpers.. then Wade beat us shooting jumpers. The jumpers Avery dared Wade to take becasue he said Wade couldn't shoot. And Wade isn't half the shooter Dirk is.

I just think it is funny that people say Dikr is soft when he shot more freethrows in a playoff series than Jordan.. and set an NBA record. And he doiesn't even get the kind of respect from offifcials Jordan got.. so Dirk probably deserved twice as many calls as he got.
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