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Default Re: Ramona Shelbourne report regarding Dwight

It was a necessary report to be published. It doesn't tell us anything new regarding Dwight Howard and his personality, but rather it confirms it for us. We suspected it all along and now we know this is what kind of player he is.

He had Stan fired from Orlando, only so he can end up leaving. He wanted D'Antoni gone, which isn't necessarily against our wishes. But then he comes in and he wants Kobe, the man who assisted in 3 championships, and then single handedly brought us two more after Shaq's departure, to be amnestied from this team as if he were a disappointing overpaid player. A man who has much sentimental value for the fans, for the team, and for the NBA.

I will agree with Dwight on one thing though, Kobe cannot be the man anymore once this contract expires. Dwight may have come on a bit too strong and too soon. However, when Kobe's contract expires this year, we will all eventually agree. He cannot receive the same salary, and he cannot be the main go-to-guy.

There's always a time when a certain reign has to come to an end. While Kobe has provided us all with decades of conversation and very valuable memories, comparable to family reunions and anniversaries, it is his time to pass the torch to someone.
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