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(Draft order is based on what rankings)

1. Minnesota Timberwolves - OJ Mayo 6'4 PG/SG USC

With Foye as their future at the point guard spot, I think Mayo would be a nice choice since he can play the 2 probably better than he can the 1. He's more of a scorer than playmaker. NBA Comparison - Gilbert Arenas

2. Philadelphia 76ers - Michael Beasley 6'9 SF/PF Kansas State

Beasley would be a perfect fit for this young team. They've been in need of a power foward since Webber has left town and MB is the best there is this season. Would team up nicely with Iguodala and Carney as a nice young core. Can possibly even throw in Louis Williams name in there as he's have a nice summer thus passing on Derrick Rose. NBA Comparison: Antoine Walker (when he was in Boston)

3. Seattle Supersonics - Derrick Rose 6'4 PG Memphis

The Sonics have two very young and talented players in Durant and Green. Ridnour just can't be counted on and would make a nice player to have off the bench. Rose, Durant, Green, Wilcox, and Swift would make a nice line up. NBA Comparison: Gary Payton

4. Indiana Pacers - Nicholas Batum 6'7 SG France

The Pacers will be getting ready for life without O'Neal as they start their rebuilding process. Granger, Dunleavy, Murphy, and Diogu will probably be here for awhile. They've haven't had a marquee SG since Reggie Miller. Batum can easily change that. NBA Comparison: Richard Jefferson

5. Sacramento Kings - Darrell Arthur 6'9 PF Kansas

The Kings needs alittle of everything but Arthur fills an immediate need at the PF spot. One of the most athletic front court players in the draft. NBA Comparison: Kenyon Martin

6. Phoenix Suns from Atlanta Hawks - DeAndre Jordan 7'0 C Texam A&M

An athletic 7 footer are becoming more and more common, but still remains a hot commodity. NBA Comparison: Andris Biedrins

7. Los Angeles Clippers - Kosta Koufos 7'1 C Ohio State NBA Comparison: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

8. Portland Trailblazers - Donte Green 6'10 SF Syracuse NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Roy Hibbert 7'1 C Georgetown NBA Comparison: David Harrison

10. New York Knicks - Danilo Gallinari 6'9 SF Italy NBA Comparison: Mike Dunleavy Jr.

11. Memphis Grizzlies - Serge Ibaka 6'10 PF Congo NBA Comparison: Shawn Kemp

12. Milwaukee Bucks - Jarryd Bayless 6'2 PG Arizona NBA Comparison: Tony Parker

13. New Orlean Hornets - Eric Gordon 6'4 SG Indiana NBA Comparison: Mitch Richmond

14. Orlando Magic - Chase Budinger 6'7 SG Arizona NBA Comparison: Jason Richardson
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