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Default Re: Super Bowl XLIV Discussion: Saints vs. Colts, 2/7/10

Originally Posted by Carbine
The way the media is hyping this game for Peyton' legacy is really, really mind boggling. With a win he can go from where he is currently ranked (somewhere in the top seven all time) to arguably the greatest of all time.

What if he comes out and plays well and the other parts of the TEAM don't step up like they did all year and they end up losing?

What if Peyton plays ok... but his TEAM picks up the slack and they win the superbowl?

It's putting way, way to much into one game. Peyton' legacy should rise with a quality performance from himself, not if he wins or not.

If there was one thing I could change, it would be the perception that superbowls make or break you historically. I can tell you for certainty that this Colts team would not be 16-0 in games where we played to win had it not been for the TEAM effort. And if we win the superbowl, it will have been a team accomplishment, not Peytons accomplishment.

I agree with everything except the 16-0 part due to the team effort, to an extent. Obviously the entire team had to step it up in all 16 Indy wins this year and you can't give all of the credit to Manning. I'm a life long Colts fan (not a Manning fanboy) and can say with quite a bit of confidence that the Colts wouldn't have been anywhere close to a playoff team without Manning. You maybe could have replaced Manning with Brees or possibly Brady and got into the playoffs, but Manning had a HUGE hand in the 14-0 start and two playoff wins.

As for his all-time legacy, even with a win I can't comfortably say he's the best QB of all-time, but from what I've seen from him this year (regardless of winning the Super Bowl or now) I don't know if there are even 2 or 3 QB's in NFL history I would build a franchise around ahead of Peyton Manning. If he plays well Sunday, Indy wins, and he wins Super Bowl MVP, then I wouldn't have a problem saying he's the GOAT QB.
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