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Default Re: When did you find an interest in basketball?

Pro ball? In England? Big whoop. I smell liar anyway.

When I was really young my fat friend who had a man crush on Jordan was into watching basketball on Saturdays (we only got 1 game a week then).

I watched a game one day with Lakers versus Bulls (can't even remember what season or what the game was for) and fell in love with the way Magic Johnson played the game.

I was just a runner before that, and banned from playing rugby league and rugby for violence, so basketball was a nice passive sport to my mother who signed me up.

Soon enough I was playing ball from 3.30pm to 11.30pm everyday outside on the courts with the much older Samoan guys. I even wagged school to play bball. Entered in 3 on 3 tournaments, played older guys for cash (had to run away a few times haha).

Maxed out playing for Otago University, making the NZ tournament team, also making the Otago Nuggets training squad. I played in a lot of development squads, and balled with the top NZ players growing up. I lost interest a few years back, a bit of burnout. I made a comeback, to rave reviews i nthe men's league, would have been a starter on the Nuggets last year, but tore the ACL at the end of 2005.
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