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Finally got onto this on the weekend at my dads. Really need to get my net right so i can play at mine.

Got to level 7, its funny though, i top score almost every time, and i'm still using the first weapon.

I was surprised, especially getting on this late while most are upwards of level 10. That and I've never been great at shooters.

Out of all the games i played, i didn't top score twice, but i was second and only just. Also, when my team loose, i still score around the 1000 mark.
I am also hugely clutch in this, a few times i found my team down with about 30 seconds left, then i just go on a rampage. Get a triple kill and paint an entire section.

My best game i went 9-1. Ended with a score of around 1400, including winning the game for us, got a double kill right near there base, saw all my team mates get to around there spawner, had a quick glance of the map and saw the other 2 enemies painting all behind us, i raced back killing them. My team kept them held at their spawner as i was free to paint most of the map by myself with the occasional fight.

Loving this game.
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