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Default Re: Series Thread: Brooklyn versus Raptors!

Wow.. I finally have a hard time making a bet or prediction. Very unlike me spouting off I know.

Nets in 7 - Raps in 7 ??

As much as this is pretty obvious to some of you I think we will know by game 2 how this will play out.

Bottom line.

Nets will play a lot of small ball with Livingstone on the floor because of his defensive efficiency. They will not try to match up verses Val and Amir.

Joe Johnson has shot 43.3% FG% averaging 33 minutes last 5 games

Paul Pierce has shot 48% FG% averaging 24 minutes last 5 games played.

So by the end of game 2 :

If JJ and PP are shooting > 40% and averaging 30 minutes + the Nets win in 5or 6 games.

If Dwayne can motivate Derozan/Ross/Amir to rotate well on those two players and keep their FG% < 40% and run enough to limit the veterns effectiveness (up tempo game please !) then Raps in 7.

Klow cant rotate because he has man coverage on Deron.

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