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Originally Posted by pete's montreux
I've been trying to do my own thing with Fruity Loops, but It's really annoying and I'm still trying to figure out how to work with different time signatures than the old 4/4 beat that I'm sick of.

Well, its hard to work with anything other than 4/4 because almost all modern music is at that signature. There's slight variations and signature changes from time to time (most notably some of Radiohead's work.... specially Pyramid Song) but only for a few bars. Although I think Radiohead's "15 Steps" is in 5/4 time signature.

As far as Fruity Loops is concerned, I found it limiting to a degree. I couldn't really get use to its interface, it seemed to slow me down, although it provided more options with the additions of VST plugins. But that used so much cpu that it wasn't worth it most of the time. But to be fair, its been years since I used it and I know its been vastly improved. Anyway...... I'll just stick to Reason, I've tried other apps but I always seem to just go back to Reason due to its sound library and user interface.
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