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Originally Posted by OhNoTimNoSho
andgar923 , I like the compression and EQ on your beats, what is your process? Any tips?

And I think what the guy was trying to say by generic and simple is that the beats lack this swag that popular songs have. But anyone that says, "you suck, my sh~t is better!" obviously is lame.

Compression? EQ?

You're asking the wrong cat brotha.

I use no such things.... honestly.

I loathe compression and as far as EQ I don't do to much, if at all.

IMO its all about the source or quality of the samples that you use. I guess the slight mixing that I do try to do is, have frequencies that don't clash. I try to keep the high frequencies at a lower level because they tend to overpower the overall track.

My setup is simple, I use Reason 4 exclusively. I don't rewire it to nothing. If you're familiar with Reason then I keep the Equalizer from the Mastering Suite even. I then add the Maximizer to the main mixer on the first send, I use that to beef up my kicks and bring up any sound. I add a Hall reverb on the second send and a delay on the 3rd, then I just tweak it accordingly.

A small trick that I like to use......

Adding a slight delay to your drums adds a nice swing feel to them, whether it be the hi hats, kicks, or snare. A slight delay adds a light velocity feel to your patterns (I play mine 98% of the time).

The main reason I resented the "generic" and "simple" comment is because they're anything but for the most part.

I can see where that might apply on a few beats, but for the most part they aren't.

I play most of the stuff heard there, and I use many different layers and chord progressions. I will admit my drums might not be the strongest, but I hate creating drum patterns, specially spending 15 minutes going through sounds selecting the correct one.

My hip hop beats tend to have a more ambient sound, which isn't generic. And since I rarely sample, and play most of my music (as opposed to somebody that admits to use FL) I resented that comment, since by default its not as "simple" as clicking on some buttons.

As far as "swag" I don't know what you mean, but I really don't like to model my music to the garbage on the radio. Its too easy and boring, not saying I'm the greatest and you might be correct.... my music might be lacking something, after all..... these are for the most part unfinished un mixed beats without vocals backing them up. But I'm trying different styles and genres and incorporating them with one another. So I can see where that might create a lack of "swag".... I think.

Either way...... that's just a small.. small... small.. sample of what I have. Like I mentioned earlier, not my best stuff, but not my worst stuff.... just something I threw together randomly. And I honestly think that "some" of it is better than most garbage out in the radio.

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