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Redick won't be trash at the next level... It's amazing how many people look at him without seeing talent and potential... Take one of the best shooters in the last decade of drafts, put him on a team with a good C and either SF or PG, and he will light it up. I think in five years, he'll be averaging 25 per game..

And then you guys make Morrison look like a God... I doubt he'll get more than 5 boards per game over his career in the NBA, probably more like 3 or 4. And frankly, JJ could have averaged 40 per game if he wasn't so unselfish.. That quality in him is similar to that of Dwayne Wade. Morrison actually shot probably more than half the time he had the ball... And still only averaged about the same as JJ...

And then there's JJ's "slump" in the playoffs... If you credit anyone, it should be the PG. Paulus, a FRESHMAN (although he has great upside for when he enters the draft). JJ still averaged above 20 in his "slump." The only problem I see in him is his defense, but that can be improved upon without too much difficulty.

IMO, Redick will stun you doubters in a couple years...

- D4rk -
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