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Default Re: Tim Tebow or Cam Newton

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Not sure if you know this or not but the acceptance of black QBs in the NFL has been a gradual process. From Warren Moon, who in a fair world would have had career NFL stats almost on par with Dan Marino but was instead forced to first prove himself for years in Canada to Newton being the first pick and starting from Week 1 there has been a gradual shift in attitudes regarding race and the ability of black men to think and lead. In the mid 90s a QB who showed the ability to pass at a high level like Donovan McNabb would get a shot at the NFL but someone like Frazier who ran that Nebraska option attack (I don't have extensive memory of Frazier but I know that Osborne had them sticking to the option runs in NB) was not going to be taken seriously by the NFL. It was better than the attitudes in Moon's day but not as good for black QBs as it is now when Newton can run the spread option and a team will still draft him #1 with no hesitation in spite of no one regarding his offense as even slightly pro (although they do at least pass in it).

That is simply not true......race has no bearing on who the coaches and GMs play in the NFL...anyone who says otherwise is a complete racissss and member of the KKK or Black the NFL they play the best players because they are trying to win championships and no other factors come into play.....therefore, if Warren Moon had to serve a "high melanin QB" apprenticeship in Canada it was stricktly for a football related reason.......... ......and the tooth fairy is coming tonight........
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