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Default Re: Nintendo is killing gaming in front of our eyes

Originally Posted by Mathius
<shrug> Whatever gets you off I guess. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer. When I need to answer one of these questions I think of what my buddy would say, or how he deals with games. Dude actually schedules his vacation from work sometimes when there's a big release like Gears of War 2. I don't know how it can get more hardcore than that.

I find it hilarious that Kent is trying to argue the Wii is hardcore, but GTA isn't. I mean sh*t, they're only considered some of the best titles of all time.

It just makes him sound even more selfish and petty that he actually thinks the majority of people should consider Wii to be hardcore.

I like to live in reality.


A, I didnt not say the Wii itself is THE hardcore system or a hardcore system. I said it has stuff for those people and if they cant find it they are just lazy.

Second, to me GTA is essentially a 3d collectathon platformer that has an assload of mini games, many of which probably could have been done better if Rockstar would pair down the different stuff you can do.

i think its funny now you are pimping them as some of the best titles of all time when you trashed Goldeneye as a classic game though b/c the tech has been passed by. Hell, GTA3 is crap too if you go by the standards you were holding for Goldeneye.
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