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Default Islamic country = not a happy country?

While doing this nation state draft I've been looking at some factors to what makes a country happy, I've been looking at how HDI worked and out of curiosity I checked the the top countries in that list and this how it looks.

Basically HDI is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education, and income indices

This isn't the best stat to measure such things but looking at it the first country to come up is at place 30 UAE then Brunei at 33, Qatar at 37, Bahrain at 42, so of the top 47 only 4 countries have a majority Islamic population and this isn't supposed to be a hit on Muslim people that they are stupid rather that building a successful country with Islamic values seems impossible.

If you look at literacy rate in those countries you can see some countries with 70-80% male literacy but with the females it's down to around 40 even 30% in some countries.

Life expectancy it looks the same with UAE around 30 and Brunei in the low 40s but other then them you can't find a lot of Islamic countries in the whole top 100. Infant mortality rate only three countries in top 50 (Brunei, UAE, Bahrain)

I know Christian people takes a lot of shit with it being stupid etc. but the best countries, the richest countries and continents have all been built to what they are today on Christian values.

What's your opinion about this and do you have any other measuring tools that proves or disproves what I'm saying feel free to add them
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