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Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
Yea, I loved the Slim Charles character. The guy had a commanding presence on the screen

The only non major character that I can't see how anyone could dislike. Dude was the Lamar Odom of the game had so much potential but was content with staying in his lane and play the loyal soldier.

Originally Posted by LBJ 23
One of my favourite characters was Bodie. True soldier

Love the character growth with Bodie. Me and my boy always joke about Bodie walking around du-rag with the flap out.

And I hated Marlo towards the end they made him untouchable.

Damn all this reminiscing about the wire makes me wanna watch it all over again.

BTW this thread has major spoilers for those guys who haven't finished watching the series. Might wanna put these in white.
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