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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
Start assassin missions AFTER you complete the story. You get a lump sum of money at the end for each character. You can take that money say $30,000,000 and invest it in the right stocks when you do each assassin mission. You'll rack up enough to buy golf course.

Killing off one of the characters you lose the money and any side missions for that character. Michael/Trevor killing one doesn't mean their money gets split up with Franklin and the one you decide not to kill. I chose option C.

Note: You can play the different endings when you go to replay missions. It allows you to see how they end which is cool and what I did. I'm in pursuit of 70 gold medals.

Are the properties not available to buy for everyone? I know they weren't early on. If I decide to kill off Trevor say, should I take the money he has and try to buy up all the properties I can with him now if I want to own all the properties?

I don't think I'll have any issues side mission wise, if only because I'm doing absolutely everything I can right now to not move the story forward.

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