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Default Re: What would we prefer as Bulls fans?

Originally Posted by aem
The Bulls are a different team in the playoffs... Injuries or not I expect them to be there and I expect them to compete HARD.

Nobody (aside from us) believed they'd take Boston to 7 games.

And yeah I know, we had Ben Gordon.. Still, Derrick is a different player and (God Willing) Joakim will be back. Its so hard for me to not believe in them, even when they're struggling.

They have a habit of proving us wrong, time and time again.

remember you took boston to 7 games because kg wasnt there..

but i think making the playoffs would be better.

so that superstars would know that this team has a chance to contend. just lack some pieces. its also gonna be a good experience for the team... even with a loss it would still add good experience under their belt..
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