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Default Re: Embry as Interim GM?

Originally Posted by keantona
Finding someone to do a worse job than he has would be a harder task.

Sticking with someone who has failed at his job because you're afraid of things getting worse is a terrible attitude for an organisation to have, and organisations that are that cowardly will never get or deserve success.

he has failed the organization as some points during his tenure, however he has set up the team to rebuild with some really nice moves and is still capable of turning it around. people need to remember this is the same guy who came from Phoenix, nothings changed... his first overall pick didnt pan out (can't blame him for the pick, can for sticking with Bargs for so long) and his only all-star left him.

i dunno about you guys but IMO id be ok with keeping BC to give him another shot at rebuilding, its certainly much easier now with more young talent than he had when he first got here.
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